Crankshaft Grinding & Journal Machining Repairs

24/7 Worldwide Emergency Response

Wherever you are in the world Nicol & Andrew Group can provide you with teams of experienced repair technicians and precision equipment to cope with a huge range of crankshaft grinding and repair problems.

Having been in operation since 1950 our knowledgebase is considerable. We can quickly call on a vast range of on-site machining skills and experience regarding crankshaft repairs (including crankpins and main bearings) on large and small engines.

We have carried out many types of difficult on site repairs over many years and are confident we can repair your shaft on site and avoid our customers the costly expense of strip down and risky removal to a remote workshop

Nicol & Andrew Ltd have become a world-renown provider of emergency crankshaft grinding (on site & insitu) to all major industries in all four corners of the globe.

We provide these crankshaft repair services to all industries including - marine, power generation, steel production, petro-chemical, process, offshore and mining.

  • A range of crankshaft grinding, machining and repair services carried out onsite without shaft rotation, including crankpin machining, main journal grinding, crankshaft annealing, crankshaft straightening plus many more.

  • Save your heat damaged crankshaft from the scrap yard and avoid a big insurance claim. Recover a heat damaged crankshaft journal (crankpin) insitu using our proven crankpin annealing process.

  • Find out where it is possible to use an Insitu crankshaft repair service, (e.g. aboard ship or in a power station). What sort of equipment it can be used on and what sort of repairs are available.

  • Shaft Repair In-Situ Anywhere in the World A failed journal usually causes a damaged shaft. We can repair your shaft journal on site quickly and cost effectively, without shaft rotation.

Our engineers are constantly on the move world-wide carrying out onsite machining of crankshafts, diesel engines, tailshafts, turbine shaft journals, fan shaft journals, pump shaft journals and a host of other items of industrial and marine plant including ancillary equipment.

Part of the Nicol & Andrew Group, the in-situ machining, metal stitching and laser alignment specialists.

Note we are now based in High Wycombe.