Crankshaft Grinding & Machining (Insitu)

Nicol & Andrew have been solving our customer's crankshaft repair problems world-wide for over 60 years now.

We repair crankshafts onsite by grinding and machining in a very wide range of circumstances, from a ship at sea to a power station in the middle of the desert.

So whether your engine (or turbine for that matter) is on land or in the bottom of a ship, we can provide custom equipment and dedicated trained technicians to quickly restore your crankshaft to good working order.

Our engineers can travel to domestic and international destinations to meet with the ship if required. We board the vessel with our portable grinding equipment and carry out repairs while the vessel is alongside or even travelling to the next port of call.

As you would expect we work closely with the customer to ensure the repair team and the vessel meet up as and when expected.

  • Save damaged crankshafts and shafts by repairing crankpins and journals with our cost effective insitu services on diesel engine, turbines, presses and compressors plus many more.

  • UK based supplier of crankshaft machining and on site services. If you have a a damaged crankshaft we can machine and polish to a standard undersize within OEM tolerances whilst it is still in the engine.

  • In-situ main journal grinding and repairs carried out on medium and large crankshafts (marine etc.) whilst in the engine.

  • Shaft Repair In-Situ Anywhere in the World A failed journal usually causes a damaged shaft. We can repair your shaft journal on site quickly and cost effectively, without shaft rotation.

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