Crankshaft Journal Repair

Nicol & Andrew provides cost-effective crankshaft journal repair across all types of industries.

crankpin journal machiningThis rapid type of in-situ of bearing journal repair is available world-wide and it usually does not matter what sort of crankshaft or style of engine you are running. Note that some very small engines are restricted to repair in-situ (please call to find out).

It does not matter what sort of large industrial or marine engine you have. Nor does it matter where it‘s located. Our orbital crankpin machines (which we originally invented and patented), plus our specialised trained technicians will allow us to carry out very fast, accurate and reliable crankshaft journal / crankpin repairs for you.

Along with the crankpins the crankshaft main bearing journals can also be ground in-situ (onsite) even if the vessel is at sea or in the dry dock.

Nicol & Andrews’ experience repairing damaged crankshaft journals extends way beyond the machining and polishing of crankshafts. Nicol & Andrew has a great deal of experience straightening bent crankshafts In-Situ as well as annealing In-Situ to remove hardness from crankshafts that would otherwise end up as condemned.

Our crankshaft and journal machining services include the following: -

  • Machining and polishing of crankpin journals up to 1500 mm dia
  • Grinding of main journals up to 1000 mm dia
  • Machining and grinding of crankpin fillet radii
  • Grinding of main journal fillet radii
  • Machining and polishing of tail shafts / shafting up to 1500 mm dia
  • Machining and polishing of damaged Turbine Journals (Steam and Vertical Hydro)
  • Straightening of bent crankshafts
  • Machining or grinding of crankshaft thrust faces (collars)
  • Precision orbital honing / polishing (including blueing) of crankshaft (crankpin) journals

Some of the terms people use to search for our in-situ services are: -

  • Crankshaft repair
  • Crankshaft machining
  • Crankshaft polishing
  • Crankshaft straightening
  • Crankshaft heat treatment
  • Bearing journal repair
  • Crankshaft keyway cutting
  • Crankpin heat treatment (annealing)
  • Crankshaft regrinding
  • Orbital crankpin machining/regrinding
  • Main bearing machining
  • Main bearing regrinding
  • Main bearing journal polishing/superfinishing