Insitu Crankshaft Machining

On site repair of damaged or worn crankshafts carried out worldwide.


crankshaft machining onsite
In Situ Crankshaft Machining Gallery Below

Nicol & Andrew Group have been machining crankshafts in-situ (even very large ones over 1M in diameter) since 1950. In fact we invented and patented the Orbitool machining system back then.

Our crankshaft machining and repair service uses the latest in orbital machining technology developed over the last 60 years. Our crankpin and main journal repair technicians have to be highly trained to carry out onsite work. This training takes many years to complete and their ultimate level of skill is quite frankly amazing. It has to be this way as there is no margin for error when machining a crankshaft on site.

We have very capable supervisors and teams of technicians who love to get involved with refurbishment of crankshaft, crankpin and main journal bearings, on land based sites and also on board sea-going vessels. We also have off-shore trained engineers who are able to travel anywhere in the world to offshore platforms.

Nicol & Andrew Group has a huge range of portable orbital machining equipment that can be freighted or hand carried anywhere in the world. This includes orbital turning, grinding, honing and superfinishing (without shaft rotation). We can precision machine and polish to OEM standards all shapes and sizes of crankpin journals (also called “big end” or “large end” journals) plus we can grind main journal bearings of all types of diesel engines in-situ.

Some of the equipment types that can have their damaged main journals and crankpin journals repaired on site are listed below: -

  • Diesel Engine Crankshafts 4-Stroke and 2-Stroke Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine.
  • Compressor Crankshafts (reciprocating)
  • Forging Press Crankshafts
  • Steam Engine Crankshafts
  • Pump Crankshafts
  • Motor Crankshafts

We have customers in all four corners of the globe and we have agents in other countries able to assist with logistics and often with equipment and personnel.

We are happy to work closely with the OEM’s and our customers engineers / managers to ensure that all in-situ machining projects are managed effectively and to the exacting standards required.

The management team have over 100 years of combined experience in the onsite machining field. We love what we do and we spend a lot of our energies ensuring that men and (importantly) equipment get to the right place at the right time. We’ve been operating world-wide since 1950, and in the intervening time we have built up a solid reputation in ensuring any on site machining job we take on is completed to a high standard.

Our insitu service includes: -

  • Rapid inspection of crankpin bearing journals and main bearing journals.
  • Non-Destructive Detection/Magnetic Particle Inspection to identify cracks.
  • Electronic hardness testing.
  • Peen Straightening.
  • On-Site Machining, Grinding, and Honing (Plus Superfinishing) of Crankpin and Main Bearing Journals.
  • Annealing / Portable Heat Treating to remove hard areas and heat damage.
  • Machining of counterbalance weight surfaces, including thread repairs.
  • Repairing main bearing pockets by electroplating sleeving, and machining processes.

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Nicol & Andrew is a specialist crankshaft repair and on site engineering repair services company. We provide a wide range of marine and industrial repairs, plant alignment and on site repair services worldwide at short notice.