On-Site Line Boring Services

We offer on-site line boring (or machining of individual bores) of large items of plant that cannot be easily sent to a workshop for repair. Items such as large diesel engine bedplates, cylinder blocks, liner landings (including inserts) and other large items of plant that have suffered wear damage or erosion.

Our range of portable boring and facing machines allows us to repair most types of bearing housings and supports. Line boring of steam turbine casings, gas and hydro casings plus coupling hole aligning.

Most repairs are carried out in combination with our laser alignment services allowing us to bring your equipment back to OEM tolerances, giving the best chance of an extended running time.

We also cover the boring out of marine stern tubes, rudder pintles, turbine casing bores and labyrinth seals and stator frames. We also machine turbine blade roots with specialist equipment.

If you need special tooling designed to suit a difficult application we have designers and 3D (Solidworks) CAD systems in house to allow us to tackle almost anything.

diesel engine line boring onsite

Line boring of a medium size diesel engine on site

turbine casing line boring

Line boring of a turbine casing on site

After Laser alignment and precision line boring by Nicol & Andrew Ltd, this is how a crankshaft turns.