Shaft Journal Repair

How Can You Repair Your Damaged Shaft Journal In-situ Without Shaft Rotation?


The most cost effective way is to use our proven in-situ shaft journal repair service where the equipment rotates around the stationary shaft. The equipment is fitted onto the damaged journal and references the unworn areas that exist at either end of the bearing or the journal radii.

If the shaft is so damaged that datum areas do not exist we can often re-create them.

Shown below is a recent repair we carried out to a vertical shaft of 300mm diameter that suffered a catastrophic failure of its bearing.

The pictures show: -

  • The original as found problem showing (what's left of) the bearing stuck to the shaft.
  • The damage to the shaft after the bearing was removed.
  • The welding up of the surface to allow machining back to standard size.
  • The machined shaft ready for final polising to the required size for a new bearing.

 Click the images to see larger versions.

shaft journal damaged bearing before removaldamaged shaft journal prior repair

shaft journal weld repair prior machiningshaft journal repair post machining

We cover standard shaft journal diameters from 75mm up to 1500mm.

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