Turbine Journal Repair

How Can You Repair Your Turbine Journal In-situ Without Shaft Rotation?

The answer is with our portable turbine journal machining equipment that rotates aound the stationary shaft. The equipment is fitted onto the damaged journal and references the unworn areas that exist at either end of the bearing or the journal radii.turbine journal repair insitu

Our specially trained on site technicians travel all over the world to visit our customers generating stations to repair worn or damaged:- turbine and alternator journals, hydrogen seal faces and also main and exciter sliprings.

We can also repair in-situ :- turbine rotor bores and turbine casings quickly and cost effectively, using our specialist orbital equipment.

Just to remind you our patented Orbital Equipment rotates around your stationary shaft, so no costly and time consuming strip down and risk laden transport to a remote workshop.

Referencing the radii or parallel shaft at either end of the damaged turbine journal we machine and polish the bearing area back to the OEM's original specification.

Two Examples Of Vertical Turbine Shaft Journal Machining Repairs

vertical turbine shaft machining vertical journal machining


The critical tolerance in high speed shafts is the concentricity which we can easily hold to within 0.013mm TIR.

We cover standard turbine journal diameters from 75mm up to 1500mm.